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The Above Images Were Taken at the Betty Blinn Children's Museum - Milwaukee in the State of Wisconsin. 

It's time to wake up to the possibilities. 

Opportunities abound in this city of parks, the Waikato River, Sports Grounds, Arts Culture and Heritage. Time to move on from cost and think of value. 

Time to move on from the "Tron" concept and take some pride in what we can be - 
a sophisticated major city.
Chatting About A Children's Museum.

Who, amongst us, would think of Hamilton as a cultural centre attracting people from far afield (nationally and internationally) as a cultural destination. In local dialect the answer might be bugger all. Yet we sit in a city with a large expanse of parks and lawns, the mighty Waikato River running through its centre, set in the midst of the history of the Battle for the Waikato fought in the 1860's and significant features such as the Waikato Gardens.

Currently Hamilton City Council is completing a series of children's playgrounds according to modern designs. Ideas build on ideas and so we should extend this concept and build on our wonderful assets such as our Museum. A Children's Museum has the capability to gather families from far afield to share play and knowledge in a fun filled way. The Waikato Museum has an area for youth and this experience can be built on to create a full-time activity centre. 

Where would we put it. Well the unused Founders Theatre offers an opportunity. Simply gut it, effect the repairs required for earthquake proofing and we have a wonderful place, right in the middle of Boyes Park, for this venture. How do we fill the space? Easy our local business community comes together to build child orientated activities (after all they want to get the City centre repopulated and could start with the money set aside to reshape Garden Place). Its simply the use of everyday material and the combined use of Information Technology to deliver fun and education in an entertaining way.

It also has great tourism potential for local and national patronage as well as an international family tourism stopover.

A great way to leverage the concept of "build it and they will come". 

Interested then feel free to contact me and lets see what evolves. It might be as simple as a business plan resulting in believable revenue forecasts.

Contact: Bruce Cresswell

Founder's Theatre Re-purposed to a
Children's Theatre, an Imagination Builder.
The current recommendation to Council is to demolish Founder's Theatre!

"Managements current advice is that if a new theatre is built at a new location, the Founders Theatre Building should be demolished" 
Council Report Item 7 4.b.iii

We know there are financial issues but we have elected a Council to find solutions. Why demolish a beautiful, now historic, building which would require multi millions to replace when it can be used for community groups and for our children offering service and benefits to the Citizens of Hamilton. The social possibilities are enormous, the tourism potential is significant and the revenue is completely viable.
The possibilities for Hamilton are substantial. This one only requires a little encouragment and vision. "Oh", some Councillors will say "What about the cost". Wouldn't it be preferable to say "Let's see if we can put together a plan to realise the value of this building's continuing existence to Hamilton".