Walking Along The Waikato River

It's time to wake up to the possibilities. 

Opportunities abound in this city of parks, the Waikato River, Sports Grounds, Arts Culture and Heritage. Time to move on from cost and think of value. 

Time to move on from the "Tron" concept and take some pride in what we can be - 
a sophisticated major city.
Chatting About Hamilton and Environs - The Waikato River, Let's Take a Hike.

What an asset we have with the Waikato River.

New Zealand's longest river flows through the centre of Hamilton. Its history is one of transport of goods via barges and tugs, troops for the Waikato Wars and as a link for the towns that border the river. Today it supports activities such as rowing, sporting events based on "round the bridges" and leisurely activities. 

Currently is is serviced by some pathways, several bridges, and a plan for the future. But what this potential centrepiece requires is simply a complete walkway, both sides of the river, along with leisure stops where folks can simply sit and breathe in the environment. The river banks, planted with native vegetation including an advanced Interpretation system and night-time lighting that includes the bridges, would offer Hamilton and its visitors an amazing central city experience.

Not expensive, not years away but in a here and now timeframe.

Feel free to contact us to tell us what you think and lets see what evolves.

Contact: Bruce Cresswell

Phone: 0275 318 775
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